Lloyd Banks V6 the Gift Offcial Mixtape 2012 DjLeak free download

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Lloyd Banks V6 the Gift Offcial Mixtape 2012 DjLeak free verified torrent (magnet) download

Update date: 24-07-2012

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00_Lloyd Banks -V6 the Gift (Offcial Mixtape)-2012-(Back)-DjLeak.jpg - 153.9Kb
00_Lloyd Banks -V6 the Gift (Offcial Mixtape)-2012-(Front)-DjLeak.jpg - 117.8Kb
00_Lloyd Banks -V6 the Gift (Offcial Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.m3u - 1.0Kb
00_Lloyd Banks -V6 the Gift (Offcial Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.nfo - 2.1Kb
00_Lloyd Banks -V6 the Gift (Offcial Mixtape)-2012-DjLeak.sfv - 5.0Kb
01_Lloyd Banks - Intro Rise form the Dirt (Prod by Automatic)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 7.8Mb
02_Lloyd Banks - City of Sin Feat Young Chris (Prod by Doe Pesci)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 10.0Mb
03_Lloyd Banks - The Sprint (Prod by the Superiors)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 7.7Mb
04_Lloyd Banks - Open Arms (Prod by Doe Pesci)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 6.4Mb
05_Lloyd Banks - We Run the Town Feat Vado (Prod by Automatic)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 6.8Mb
06_Lloyd Banks - Protocol (Prod by A6)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 8.6Mb
07_Lloyd Banks - Can She Live (Prod by V Don)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 6.9Mb
08_Lloyd Banks - Bring it Back Feat Fabolous (Prod by A6)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 11.0Mb
09_Lloyd Banks - Chosen Few Feat Jadakiss (Prod by Beat Butcher)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 10.6Mb
10_Lloyd Banks - Gettin by Feat Schoolboy Q (Prod by the Jerm)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 9.2Mb
11_Lloyd Banks - Live it Up (Prod by Cardiak)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 7.2Mb
12_Lloyd Banks - Money Dont Matter (Prod by Beat Butcher)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 7.1Mb
13_Lloyd Banks - Hate You More (Prod by the Jerm)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 7.9Mb
14_Lloyd Banks - Show and Prove (Prod by Cardiak)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 6.6Mb
15_Lloyd Banks - Terror Dome (Prod by Doe Pesci)-Djleak.com.mp3 - 6.9Mb
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