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Deep Purple_Abandon/01 Any Fule Kno That.flac - 33.6Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/02 Almost Human.flac - 30.2Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/03 Don't Make Me Happy.flac - 32.1Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/04 Seventh Heaven.flac - 37.2Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/05 Watching The Sky.flac - 34.4Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/06 Fingers To The Bone.flac - 32.9Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/07 Jack Ruby.flac - 26.3Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/08 She Was.flac - 28.5Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/09 Whatsername.flac - 30.9Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/10 '69.flac - 35.5Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/11 Evil Louie.flac - 34.6Mb
Deep Purple_Abandon/12 Bloodsucker.flac - 31.7Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/01 House Of Pain.flac - 27.5Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/02 Sun Goes Down.flac - 30.5Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/03 Haunted.flac - 31.7Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/04 Razzle Dazzle.flac - 27.2Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/05 Silver Tongue.flac - 31.3Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/06 Walk On.flac - 46.6Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/07 Picture Of Innocence.flac - 38.2Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/08 I Got Your Number.flac - 44.7Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/09 Never A Word.flac - 24.5Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/10 Bananas.flac - 36.2Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/11 Doing It Tonight.flac - 25.3Mb
Deep Purple_Bananas/12 Contact Lost.flac - 8.3Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/01 Burn.flac - 39.8Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/02 Might Just Take Your Life.flac - 31.4Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/03 Lay Down, Stay Down.flac - 29.3Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/04 Sail Away.flac - 39.0Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/05 You Fool No One.flac - 32.6Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/06 What's Goin' On Here.flac - 31.6Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/07 Mistreated.flac - 46.3Mb
Deep Purple_Burn/08 -A- 200.flac - 24.7Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/01 Comin' Home.flac - 26.7Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/02 Lady Luck.flac - 18.7Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/03 Gettin' Tighter.flac - 25.6Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/04 Dealer.flac - 25.3Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/05 I Need Love.flac - 27.6Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/06 Drifter.flac - 25.5Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/07 Love Child.flac - 19.7Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/08 This Time Around , Owed To 'G' (instrumental).flac - 35.3Mb
Deep Purple_Come Taste The Band/09 You Keep On Moving.flac - 30.7Mb
Deep Purple_Concerto For Group And Orchestra/01 Track01.flac - 73.7Mb
Deep Purple_Concerto For Group And Orchestra/02 Track02.flac - 103.2Mb
Deep Purple_Concerto For Group And Orchestra/03 Track03.flac - 92.0Mb
Deep Purple_Concerto For Group And Orchestra/04 Track04.flac - 86.7Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/01 Chasing shadows.flac - 33.4Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/02 Blind.flac - 32.4Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/03 Lalena.flac - 24.7Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/04 a) Fault line b) The Painter.flac - 32.6Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/05 Why didn't Rosemary .flac - 29.8Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/06 Bird has flown.flac - 29.4Mb
Deep Purple_Deep Purple/07 April.flac - 65.8Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/01 Fireball.flac - 20.3Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/02 No no no.flac - 40.8Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/03 Demon's eye.flac - 32.1Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/04 Anyone's daughter.flac - 23.7Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/05 The mule.flac - 31.9Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/06 Fools.flac - 47.3Mb
Deep Purple_Fireball/07 No one came.flac - 36.7Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/01 Track01.flac - 31.2Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/02 Track02.flac - 32.5Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/03 Track03.flac - 31.3Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/04 Track04.flac - 33.5Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/05 Track05.flac - 23.5Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/06 Track06.flac - 38.4Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/07 Track07.flac - 53.1Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/08 Track08.flac - 32.9Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/09 Track09.flac - 34.5Mb
Deep Purple_House Of Blue Light/10 Track10.flac - 33.9Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/01 Hush.flac - 28.5Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/02 And The Address.flac - 28.6Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/03 Prelude- Happiness.flac - 47.2Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/04 Hey Joe.flac - 45.8Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/05 Mandrake Root.flac - 39.8Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/06 Help.flac - 34.7Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/07 Love Help Me.flac - 26.3Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/08 One More Rainy Day.flac - 23.3Mb
Deep Purple_Hush/09 River Deep, Mountain High.flac - 61.4Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/01 Speed King.flac - 32.5Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/02 Bloodsucker.flac - 23.3Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/03 Child In Time.flac - 56.3Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/04 Flight Of The Rat.flac - 49.1Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/05 Into The Fire.flac - 20.8Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/06 Living Wreck.flac - 25.5Mb
Deep Purple_In Rock/07 Hard Lovin' Man.flac - 42.0Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/01 Highway Star.flac - 42.6Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/02 Maybe I'm A Leo.flac - 32.5Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/03 Pictures Of Home.flac - 34.9Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/04 Never Before.flac - 27.5Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/05 Smoke On The Water.flac - 38.8Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/06 Lazy.flac - 46.9Mb
Deep Purple_Machine Head/07 Space Truckin'.flac - 31.2Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Europe/01 Burn.flac - 45.0Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Europe/02 Mistreated (Interpolating Rock Me Baby).flac - 63.8Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Europe/03 Lady Double Dealer.flac - 25.9Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Europe/04 You Fool No One.flac - 89.2Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Europe/05 Stormbringer.flac - 34.3Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/01 Highway Star.flac - 45.1Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/02 Child In Time.flac - 71.5Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/03 Smoke On The Water.flac - 48.0Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/04 The Mule.flac - 57.4Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/05 Strange Kind Of Women.flac - 58.4Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/06 Lazy.flac - 59.2Mb
Deep Purple_Made In Japan/07 Space Truckin'.flac - 118.5Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/01 Knocking At Your Back Door.flac - 45.0Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/02 Under The Gun.flac - 30.2Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/03 Nobody's Home.flac - 24.7Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/04 Mean Streak.flac - 28.6Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/05 Perfect Strangers.flac - 36.1Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/06 A Gypsy's Kiss.flac - 34.3Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/07 Wasted Sunsets.flac - 23.5Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/08 Hungry Daze.flac - 32.4Mb
Deep Purple_Perfect Strangers/09 Not Responsible.flac - 31.7Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/01 Vavoom- Ted The Mechanic.flac - 30.9Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/02 Loosen My Strings.flac - 43.4Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/03 Soon Forgotten.flac - 34.2Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/04 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming.flac - 50.0Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/05 Cascades- I'm Not Your Lover.flac - 33.9Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/06 The Aviator.flac - 37.1Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/07 Rosa's Cantina.flac - 35.1Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/08 A Castle Full Of Rascals.flac - 36.4Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/09 A Touch Away.flac - 32.4Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/10 Hey Cisco.flac - 38.5Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/11 Somebody Stole My Guitar.flac - 30.0Mb
Deep Purple_Purpendicular/12 The Purpendicular Waltz.flac - 33.3Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/01 King Of Dreams.flac - 37.4Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/02 The Cut Runs Deep.flac - 38.6Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/03 Fire In The Basement.flac - 33.9Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/04 Truth Hurts.flac - 37.8Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/05 Breakfast In Bed.flac - 37.1Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/06 Love Conquers All.flac - 23.5Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/07 Fortuneteller.flac - 39.3Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/08 Too Much Is Not Enough.flac - 30.6Mb
Deep Purple_Slaves And Masters/09 Wicked Ways.flac - 47.3Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/01 Stormbringer.flac - 27.2Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/02 Love Don't Mean A Thing.flac - 27.6Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/03 Holy Man.flac - 27.4Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/04 Hold On.flac - 32.6Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/05 Lady Double Dealer.flac - 22.8Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/06 You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love).flac - 21.6Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/07 High Ball Shooter.flac - 28.9Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/08 The Gypsy.flac - 26.8Mb
Deep Purple_Stormbringer/09 Soldier Of Fortune.flac - 18.3Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/01 The Battle Rages On.flac - 42.6Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/02 Lick It Up.flac - 29.0Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/03 Anya.flac - 46.3Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/04 Talk About Love.flac - 29.9Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/05 Time To Kill.flac - 43.1Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/06 Ramshackle Man.flac - 39.4Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/07 A Twist In The Tale.flac - 29.8Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/08 Nasty Piece Of Work.flac - 32.2Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/09 Solitaire.flac - 34.6Mb
Deep Purple_The Battle Rages On/10 One Man's Meat.flac - 33.6Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/01 Listen, Learn, Read On.flac - 24.4Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/02 Hard Road.flac - 32.2Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/03 Kentucky Woman.flac - 27.9Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/04 (a) Exposition,(b) We Can Work It Out.flac - 41.5Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/05 The Shield.flac - 33.7Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/06 Anthem.flac - 36.8Mb
Deep Purple_The Book Of Taliesyn/07 River Deep, Mountain High.flac - 57.0Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/01 Woman From Tokyo.flac - 40.9Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/02 Mary Long.flac - 28.9Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/03 Super Trouper.flac - 20.1Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/04 Smooth Dancer.flac - 29.9Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/05 Rat Rat Blue.flac - 36.8Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/06 Place in Line.flac - 42.6Mb
Deep Purple_Who Do We Think We Are/07 Our Lady.flac - 33.6Mb
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