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Billboard-1969-001-Archies-Sugar Sugar.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-002-5th Dimension-Aquarius Let The Sunshine In.mp3 - 4.4Mb
Billboard-1969-003-Temptations-I Can't Get Next To You.mp3 - 3.3Mb
Billboard-1969-004-Rolling Stones-Honky Tonk Women.mp3 - 2.8Mb
Billboard-1969-005-Sly & The Family Stone-Everyday People.mp3 - 2.2Mb
Billboard-1969-006-Tommy Roe-Dizzy.mp3 - 2.6Mb
Billboard-1969-007-Sly & The Family Stone-Hot Fun In The Summertime.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-008-Tom Jones-I'll Never Fall In Love Again.mp3 - 4.9Mb
Billboard-1969-009-Foundations-Build Me Up Buttercup.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-010-Tommy James & The Shondells-Crimson And Clover.mp3 - 3.2Mb
Billboard-1969-011-Three Dog Night-One.mp3 - 3.9Mb
Billboard-1969-012-Tommy James & The Shondells-Crystal Blue Persuasion.mp3 - 3.6Mb
Billboard-1969-013-Cowsills-Hair.mp3 - 3.2Mb
Billboard-1969-014-Marvin Gaye-Too Busy Thinking About My Baby.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-015-Henry Mancini-Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-016-Youngbloods-Let's Get Together.mp3 - 4.2Mb
Billboard-1969-017-Friends Of Distinction-Grazing In The Grass.mp3 - 3.4Mb
Billboard-1969-018-Elvis Presley-Suspicious Minds.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-019-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Proud Mary.mp3 - 2.9Mb
Billboard-1969-020-Jr Walker & The All Stars-What Does It Take To Win Your Love.mp3 - 2.3Mb
Billboard-1969-021-Isley Brothers-It's Your Thing.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-022-Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline.mp3 - 3.2Mb
Billboard-1969-023-Oliver-Jean.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-024-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Bad Moon Rising.mp3 - 2.1Mb
Billboard-1969-025-Beatles-Get Back.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-026-Zager & Evans-In The Year 2525.mp3 - 3.8Mb
Billboard-1969-027-Blood Sweat & Tears-Spinning Wheel.mp3 - 4.7Mb
Billboard-1969-028-Andy Kim-Baby I Love You.mp3 - 2.6Mb
Billboard-1969-029-Friends Of Distinction-Going In Circles.mp3 - 3.9Mb
Billboard-1969-030-Lettermen-Hurt So Bad.mp3 - 2.1Mb
Billboard-1969-031-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River.mp3 - 2.8Mb
Billboard-1969-032-Stevie Wonder-My Cherie Amour.mp3 - 2.6Mb
Billboard-1969-033-Three Dog Night-Easy To Be Hard.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-034-Smith-Baby It's You.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-035-Johnny Cash-A Boy Named Sue.mp3 - 3.6Mb
Billboard-1969-036-Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-Baby Baby Don't Cry.mp3 - 3.7Mb
Billboard-1969-037-Jerry Butler-Only The Strong Survive.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-038 Elvis Presley-In The Ghetto.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-039-Zombies-Time Of The Season.mp3 - 4.8Mb
Billboard-1969-040-5th Dimension-Wedding Bell Blues.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-041 -Bobby Sherman-Little Woman.mp3 - 2.1Mb
Billboard-1969-042 Mercy-Love Can Make You Happy.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-043-Oliver-Good Morning Starshine.mp3 - 3.3Mb
Billboard-1969-044-Guess Who-These Eyes.mp3 - 3.4Mb
Billboard-1969-045-Blood sweat & Tears-You've Made Me So Very Happy.mp3 - 4.9Mb
Billboard-1969-046-Jackie Deshannon-Put A Little Love In Your Heart.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-047-Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band-Do Your Thing.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-048-Grass Roots-I'd Wait A Million Years.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-049-Doors-Touch Me.mp3 - 2.9Mb
Billboard-1969-050-Spiral Staircase-More Today Than Yesterday.mp3 - 3.6Mb
Billboard-1969-051-Sammy Davis Jr-I've Gotta Be Me.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-052 Bob Dylan-Lay Lady Lay.mp3 - 3.7Mb
Billboard-1969-053-Donovan-Atlantis.mp3 - 4.7Mb
Billboard-1969-054-Dennis Yost & The Classics IV-Traces.mp3 - 2.6Mb
Billboard-1969-055-Mama Cass-It's Getting Better.mp3 - 2.8Mb
Billboard-1969-056-Jay & The Americans-This Magic Moment.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-057-Temptations-Run Away Child Running Wild.mp3 - 4.4Mb
Billboard-1969-058-Ventures-Hawaii Five O.mp3 - 1.7Mb
Billboard-1969-059-Dave Baby Cortez-Rinky Dink.mp3 - 2.6Mb
Billboard-1969-060-Glen Campbell-Galveston.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-061-Lou Christie-I'm Gonna Make You Mine.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-062-Ray Stevens-Gitarzan.mp3 - 4.1Mb
Billboard-1969-063-Tyrone Davis-Can I Change My Mind.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-064-Booker T & The Mg's-Time Is Tight.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-065-Dionne Warwick-This Girl's In Love With You.mp3 - 5.7Mb
Billboard-1969-066-Winstons-Color Him Father.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-067-Sonny Charles & The Checkmates Ltd-Black Pearl.mp3 - 4.0Mb
Billboard-1969-068-1910 Fruitgum Company-Indian Giver.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-069-James Brown-Mother Popcorn Part 1.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-070-Edwin Starr-Twenty Five Miles.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-071-New Colony Six-Things I'd Like To Say.mp3 - 2.2Mb
Billboard-1969-072-Motherlode-When I Die.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-073-Marvin Gaye-That's The Way That Love Is.mp3 - 5.0Mb
Billboard-1969-074-Nilsson-Everybody's Talkin'.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-075-Brooklyn Bridge-Worst That Could Happen.mp3 - 2.8Mb
Billboard-1969-076-Joe Simon-The Chokin' Kind.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-077-Flying Machine-Smile A Little Smile For Me.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-078-Tony Joe White-Polk Salad Annie.mp3 - 3.5Mb
Billboard-1969-079-Kenny Rogers-Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town.mp3 - 2.8Mb
Billboard-1969-080-Joe South-Games People Play.mp3 - 3.3Mb
Billboard-1969-081-Turtles-You Showed Me.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-082-Cuff Links-Tracy.mp3 - 2.0Mb
Billboard-1969-083-Dells-Oh What A Night.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-084-Beatles-Something.mp3 - 2.7Mb
Billboard-1969-085-Gary Puckett & The Union Gap-This Girl Is A Woman Now.mp3 - 2.9Mb
Billboard-1969-086-Beatles-Come Together.mp3 - 5.9Mb
Billboard-1969-087-Marvin Gaye-I Heard It Through The Grapevine.mp3 - 2.9Mb
Billboard-1969-088-Bob Seger System-Ramblin' Gamblin' Man.mp3 - 2.2Mb
Billboard-1969-089-The Supremes & The Temptations-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me.mp3 - 2.9Mb
Billboard-1969-090-Crazy Elephant-Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'.mp3 - 1.9Mb
Billboard-1969-091-Booker T & The Mg's-Hang 'em High.mp3 - 3.6Mb
Billboard-1969-092-Lou Rawls-Your Good Thing Is About To End.mp3 - 5.1Mb
Billboard-1969-093-Originals-Baby I'm For Real.mp3 - 3.0Mb
Billboard-1969-094-Edwin Hawkins Singers-Oh Happy Day.mp3 - 4.7Mb
Billboard-1969-095-Tom Jones-Love Me Tonight.mp3 - 3.7Mb
Billboard-1969-096-Paul Revere & The Raiders-Mr Sun Mr Moon.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-097-Guess Who-Laughing.mp3 - 2.4Mb
Billboard-1969-098-David Ruffin-My Whole World Ended The Moment You Left Me.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-099-Box Tops-Soul Deep.mp3 - 2.3Mb
Billboard-1969-100-Bj Thomas-Hooked On A Feeling.mp3 - 3.1Mb
Billboard-1969-101-Box Tops-Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March.mp3 - 2.1Mb
Billboard-1969-102-Paul Revere & The Raiders-Let Me.mp3 - 2.5Mb
Billboard-1969-103-Woodstock Live 1969-Country Joe McDonald and The Fish-I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag.mp3 - 4.5Mb
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