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BBC01 General Sound Effects/01-Seawash, Calm.wav - 41.1Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/02-Seawash, Choppy.wav - 42.1Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/03-River, Small.wav - 22.3Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/04-Wood Fire, Inside Stove.wav - 52.4Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/05-City Skyline.wav - 99.5Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/06-High Street, With Traffic.wav - 51.6Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/07-CAR Wash, Inside Renault 5.wav - 9.6Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/08-Motor Cycle, Approach On Gravel.wav - 5.6Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/09-Motor Cycle, Departing On Gravel.wav - 7.5Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/10-Bicycles, Slow, Continuous Run On Gravel.wav - 18.3Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/11-Bicycles, Fast Continuous Run On Gravel.wav - 18.7Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/12-Bicycles, Continuous Run On Gravel, Traffic Passing.wav - 35.9Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/13-Bicycles, Pass From Left To Right.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/14-Bicycles, Pass From Right To Left.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/15-Bicycles, Pass With Bell From Left To Right.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/16-Bicycles, Pass With Bell From Right To Left.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/17-Bicycles, Approach And Skid.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/18-Bicycles, Crashing Into Fence.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/19-Baby, Crying.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/20-Baby, Sneezing.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/21-Baby, Happy Sound.wav - 5.8Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/22-Market Place, Walking Through.wav - 14.0Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/23-Karate Shout, At 10m In Large Hall.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/24-Karate Class, Approaching With Shouts.wav - 11.7Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/25-TV Screen, Smashed By Cricket Ball.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/26-AT THE Dentist, Polishing.wav - 2.8Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/27-AT THE Dentist, High Speed Drilling.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/28-AT THE Dentist, Low Speed Drilling.wav - 3.1Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/29-AT THE Dentist, Filling.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/30-AT THE Dentist, Dental Suction Tube.wav - 2.6Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/31-AT THE Dentist, Mouthwash.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/32-Destruction, Plate.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/33-Destruction, Mug.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/34-Destruction, Teapot.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/35-Destruction, Very Small Window.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/36-Destruction, Wooden Door.wav - 4.4Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/37-Destruction, Brick Wall.wav - 7.7Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/38-Destruction, Factory Chimney.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/39-Destruction, Power Station.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/40-Destruction, Television_ Pre 1976 Sets Being Crushed.wav - 17.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/41-Public House, Very Busy.wav - 14.6Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/42-Harrier JET, Aircraft, Vertical Take-Off.wav - 7.7Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/43-Tennis.wav - 17.7Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/44-Tropical Dawn Chorus, Sri Lanka.wav - 32.8Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/45-Red-Throated Diver.wav - 13.2Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/46-Iberian Marsh Frog, Adult Male.wav - 9.6Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/47-Willow Warbler, Singing.wav - 11.8Mb
BBC01 General Sound Effects/48-Ring-Tailed Lemur, With Insects.wav - 5.7Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/01-Open-Air Swimming Pool With Children Splashing And Shouting_ Recording Near London.wav - 42.6Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/02-Mountain Stream.wav - 36.6Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/03-Seawash, Gentle With Occasional Seagull.wav - 42.3Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/04-City Park, Near A Pond With Ducks, Moorhens And Geese, On A Breezy Day.wav - 44.7Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/05-Town Traffic ON A WET Road, In A One-Way System.wav - 45.5Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/06-High Street IN A Small Town With Traffic And Footsteps.wav - 42.4Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/07-Main Road IN THE Country, Recorded On A Bend In The A44 Near Leominster.wav - 44.4Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/08-City Traffic.wav - 45.5Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/09-City Skyline.wav - 62.0Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/10-Main Railway Station With Indiscernible PA Announcement And Arriving Train.wav - 44.2Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/11-Large Airport, General Exterior Atmosphere, Recorded In Roof-Garden Observation Area.wav - 44.1Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/12-Woodland Atmosphere (Mixed Deciduous) On A Windy Day (Occasional Flying Insect).wav - 45.0Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/13-Blustery Wind On A Beach With Drifting Sand (No Seawash).wav - 44.3Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/14-School Playground With 7-11 Year Old Children Playing Games_ Recorded In London.wav - 44.6Mb
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I/15-Welsh Hillside With Occasional Creaking Trees, Birds And Distant Sheepdog.wav - 30.8Mb
BBC03 Household/01-Domestic Chiming Clock, Quarter-Hour Chime.wav - 5.7Mb
BBC03 Household/02-Domestic Chiming Clock, Half Hour Chime.wav - 5.4Mb
BBC03 Household/03-Domestic Chiming Clock, Three-Quarter Hour Chime.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC03 Household/04-Domestic Chiming Clock, 12 O'clock Chime.wav - 9.5Mb
BBC03 Household/05-Domestic Chiming Clock, 1 O'clock Chime.wav - 7.1Mb
BBC03 Household/06-Domestic Chiming Clock, 3 O'clock Chime.wav - 7.9Mb
BBC03 Household/07-Domestic Chiming Clock, 6 O'clock Chime.wav - 8.4Mb
BBC03 Household/08-Domestic Chiming Clock, Ticking.wav - 41.1Mb
BBC03 Household/09-Alarm Clock, Ticking.wav - 48.6Mb
BBC03 Household/10-Doorbell, Ding-Dong Type, Single.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC03 Household/11-Doorbell, Ding-Dong Type, Multi.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC03 Household/12-Front Door, Unlock Yale, Open, Close - Interior.wav - 3.1Mb
BBC03 Household/13-Back Door, Open, Close - Interior.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC03 Household/14-Telephone, Push-Button Type, Constant Ring.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC03 Household/15-Telephone, Push-Button Type, Ring, Handset Lifted.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC03 Household/16-Telephone, Push-Button Type, Handset Lifted, Replaced.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC03 Household/17-Telephone, Push-Button Type, Handset Lifted, 7 Digits Keyed.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC03 Household/18-Telephone, Push-Button Type, Handset Lifted, 9 Digits Keyed.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC03 Household/19-Refrigerator.wav - 41.0Mb
BBC03 Household/20-Automatic Washing Machine, Load, Fill And Wash.wav - 40.8Mb
BBC03 Household/21-Automatic Washing Machine, Drain, Spin.wav - 22.9Mb
BBC03 Household/22-Washing Up.wav - 46.0Mb
BBC03 Household/23-Dripping Tap.wav - 31.0Mb
BBC03 Household/24-Kettle, Being Filled.wav - 3.3Mb
BBC03 Household/25-Match, Being Struck.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC03 Household/26-Gas Stove, One Ring Lit, Burns, Turned Off.wav - 23.7Mb
BBC03 Household/27-Whistling Kettle, Coming To The Boil.wav - 7.0Mb
BBC03 Household/28-Teapot Being Filled With Boiling Water.wav - 5.1Mb
BBC03 Household/29-Can Opener, Tin Opened, Contents Emptied Into Saucepan.wav - 6.6Mb
BBC03 Household/30-Frying An Egg.wav - 13.4Mb
BBC03 Household/31-Bread Being Sliced - 3 Slices, Wholemeal.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC03 Household/32-Coffee Grinder Filled, Operated.wav - 7.6Mb
BBC03 Household/33-Microwave Oven Loaded, Operated, Emptied.wav - 26.2Mb
BBC03 Household/34-Vacuum Cleaner.wav - 14.7Mb
BBC03 Household/35-Toilet Flushed.wav - 15.1Mb
BBC03 Household/36-Wash-Hand Basin, Filled, Hands Washed, Emptied.wav - 13.5Mb
BBC03 Household/37-Wash-Hand Basin, Running Tap, Plug Not Inserted.wav - 17.8Mb
BBC03 Household/38-Bath, Filled.wav - 30.2Mb
BBC03 Household/39-Bath, Somone Having A Bath.wav - 35.4Mb
BBC03 Household/40-Bath, Emptied.wav - 13.3Mb
BBC03 Household/41-Hair Dryer.wav - 15.6Mb
BBC03 Household/42-Electric Drill, Single Hole Drilled.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC03 Household/43-Electric Drill, Series Of Holes In Quick Succession.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC03 Household/44-Hand Saw, Sawing A Piece Of Plywood.wav - 6.4Mb
BBC03 Household/45-Electric Jigsaw.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC03 Household/46-Electric Circular Saw.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC03 Household/47-Electric Sander.wav - 8.2Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/01-Line-Up Tone.wav - 11.3Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/02-Main Line Railway Station, Footsteps, Voices, Trolleys, Destination Indicators And PA Announcements.wav - 43.2Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/03-Airport Terminal Building, Footsteps, Voices, Suitcase Conveyors And PA Announcements.wav - 42.9Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/04-Cathedral, Movement From Visitors And Distant Traffic.wav - 40.7Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/05-ART Gallery, With Footsteps And Indistinct Voices.wav - 41.7Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/06-Public Library, Voices, Footsteps, Trolleys And A Telephone.wav - 36.7Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/07-National Newspaper Newsroom, Voices, Typrewriters Ans Telephones.wav - 40.9Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/08-Shopping Centre, Footsteps, Voices, Distanat Unidentifiable Music.wav - 42.6Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/09-Supermarket, Check-Out Bell, Footsteps, Trolleys, Voices.wav - 43.3Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/10-Theatre Audience, Mixed Animated Chatter Before A Performance.wav - 42.2Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/11-Amusement Arcade, Electronic Games, Fruit Machines, Musical Jingles.wav - 42.6Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/12-Self-Service Restaurant, Voices, Crockery, Cutlery, Footsteps Ans Dishes.wav - 44.0Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/13-Public BAR, Quiet Crowd With Glasses, Occasional Fruit Machine And Distant Traffic.wav - 40.6Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/14-Underground Station Ticket Hall, Footsteps, Ticket Machines Ans Distant Voices.wav - 22.3Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/15-Bank With Footsteps, Voices, Escalators, Document Stamping And Coins.wav - 40.4Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/16-Teleprinter Room With Telex Machines, Paper Tearing, Distant Typrewriters Ans Telephones.wav - 21.9Mb
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds/17-Public Foyer With Voices Ans Footsteps On Stone Stairs.wav - 43.9Mb
BBC05 Transport/01-Diesel Lorry, 10-Ton, Interior, Start-Up, Constant Run, Stop.wav - 39.1Mb
BBC05 Transport/02-Diesel Lorry, 10-Ton, Exterior, Startup, Drive Off.wav - 3.2Mb
BBC05 Transport/03-Diesel Lorry, 10-Ton, Exterior, Pass Left To Right.wav - 3.4Mb
BBC05 Transport/04-Diesel Lorry, 10-Ton, Exterior, Approach, Stop, Switch Off.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC05 Transport/05-Motorcycle, BMW, Start-Up, Constant Run, Stop.wav - 26.8Mb
BBC05 Transport/06-Motorcycle, BMW, Off-Stand, False Start, Drive Off.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC05 Transport/07-Motorcycle, BMW, Pass Left To Right.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC05 Transport/08-Motorcycle, BMW, Approach And Stop, Onto Stand.wav - 3.6Mb
BBC05 Transport/09-Motorcycle, BMW, Hooter.wav - 1.1Mb
BBC05 Transport/10-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Interior, Start-Up, Constant Run, Stop.wav - 63.5Mb
BBC05 Transport/11-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Interior, Emergency Stop.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC05 Transport/12-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Interior, Electrical Window, Open And Close.wav - 2.6Mb
BBC05 Transport/13-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Interior, Electrical Seat ADJustment.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC05 Transport/14-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Exterior, Start-Up, Drive Off.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC05 Transport/15-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Exterior, Pass Left To Right.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC05 Transport/16-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Exterior, Approach And Stop.wav - 2.4Mb
BBC05 Transport/17-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Exterior, Horn.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC05 Transport/18-CAR, Rolls Royce Silver Sprite, Exterior, Door Opened And Closed.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC05 Transport/19-Bicycle, Raleigh Sports, Ride On Road With Traffic.wav - 30.5Mb
BBC05 Transport/20-Bicycle, Raleigh Sports, Pass With Bell, Left To Right.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC05 Transport/21-Trams, Amsterdam 8-Axle, Interior, Run With Several Stops.wav - 54.2Mb
BBC05 Transport/22-Trams, Amsterdam 8-Axle, Exterior, Approach, Doors Open.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC05 Transport/23-Trams, Amsterdam 8-Axle, Exterior, Doors Close Wityh Bell, Departs.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC05 Transport/24-Trams, Amsterdam 8-Axle, Exterior, Pass Right To Left.wav - 4.2Mb
BBC05 Transport/25-Underground Railroad, London, Interior, Doors Close, Run, Doors Open.wav - 16.0Mb
BBC05 Transport/26-Underground Railroad, London, On Platform, Train Arrives And Departs.wav - 12.7Mb
BBC05 Transport/27-Trains, Midland Electric, Interior, Sliding Doors Close, Run Stop.wav - 36.7Mb
BBC05 Transport/28-Trains, Midland Electric, Exterior, Arrives In Station, Doors Open.wav - 4.7Mb
BBC05 Transport/29-Trains, Midland Electric, Exterior, Doors Close, Hooter, Departs.wav - 4.8Mb
BBC05 Transport/30-Trains, Midland Electric, Exterior, Pass Through Station Right To Left.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC05 Transport/31-Trains, Midland Electric, Exterior, Express Passes Under Bridge.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC05 Transport/32-Airliner, Commuter Transporter, Run-Up Engines, Taxi.wav - 22.3Mb
BBC05 Transport/33-Airliner, Commuter Transporter, Take-Off Into Constant Flight.wav - 19.3Mb
BBC05 Transport/34-Airliner, Commuter Transporter, Land, Taxi To Halt.wav - 34.3Mb
BBC05 Transport/35-Helicopter, Bell Executive, Interior, Start, Run Up Engines, Take-Off.wav - 51.1Mb
BBC05 Transport/36-Helicopter, Bell Executive, Interior, Descent, Land, Switch-Off.wav - 24.7Mb
BBC05 Transport/37-Helicopter, Bell Executive, Interior, Engine Failure Warning Siren.wav - 2.4Mb
BBC05 Transport/38-Helicopter, Bell Executive, Exterior, Approach, Land, Switch Off.wav - 35.9Mb
BBC05 Transport/39-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Seawash At Stern.wav - 31.0Mb
BBC05 Transport/40-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Bow Wave At Port Side.wav - 20.4Mb
BBC05 Transport/41-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Siren At Harwich Berth.wav - 2.4Mb
BBC05 Transport/42-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Bridge, With Morse Code, RT And Intercoms.wav - 20.6Mb
BBC05 Transport/43-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Engine Room.wav - 20.5Mb
BBC05 Transport/44-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Watertight Door Opens And Closes.wav - 4.0Mb
BBC05 Transport/45-Ship, CAR Ferry, 17,400 Tons, Rest Lounge In Public Areas.wav - 18.9Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/01-Mog Cat Meowing.wav - 18.6Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/02-Persian Cat.wav - 10.8Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/03-Mog Cat Squealing.wav - 16.0Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/04-Three Cats Purring.wav - 20.6Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/05-Persian Cat Eating And Purring.wav - 12.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/06-Mog Cat Howling.wav - 19.6Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/07-Collie Dog Barking.wav - 10.4Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/08-Beagle Barking.wav - 26.2Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/09-Labrador And 2 Sheep Dogs Barking.wav - 7.9Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/10-Beagle Dog Drinking Water.wav - 12.0Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/11-Cattle Restless In Shed.wav - 23.1Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/12-Sheep Restless.wav - 21.6Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/13-Three Rams Bleating.wav - 8.6Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/14-Pigs In Shed With Distant Birds.wav - 21.1Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/15-Pigs In Field.wav - 21.1Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/16-Hen House.wav - 19.5Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/17-Single Hen.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/18-Cock Crows 3 Times.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/19-Chickens In Yard.wav - 11.0Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/20-Horse Walks Away.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/21-Horse Passes On Gravel.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/22-Horse Approaches And Stops.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/23-Horse Walks On Cobble.wav - 21.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/24-Horse Canters Past On Mdduy Forest.wav - 3.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/25-Horse Walks On Muddy Gravel Track.wav - 11.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/26-Horse Approaches Snorting.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/27-Donkeys In Shed.wav - 11.1Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/28-Thirty Donkeys Passing.wav - 5.5Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/29-Amidst A Herd Of Donkeys.wav - 9.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/30-Donkey Braying.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/31-Robin's Song.wav - 15.4Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/32-Moorhen.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/33-Coot With Geese.wav - 3.9Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/34-Winter Migrant Waterfowl.wav - 24.9Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/35-Swan Geese.wav - 15.3Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/36-Garganey.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/37-Ruddey Shelduck.wav - 2.8Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/38-Ne Ne Goose.wav - 7.9Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/39-Flamingoes.wav - 10.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/40-Roseate Cockatoos.wav - 8.4Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/41-Dusky Lory.wav - 5.0Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/42-Red Rumped Parakeet.wav - 18.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/43-African Scops Owl.wav - 32.7Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/44-African Bush After Sunset.wav - 45.8Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/45-Asian Night Time.wav - 36.1Mb
BBC06 Animal and Birds/46-South American Morning.wav - 45.7Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/01-Light Entertainment Audience, Quiet, Expectant.wav - 10.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/02-Light Entertainment Audience, Cheer.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/03-Light Entertainment Audience, Continuous Cheer And Applause.wav - 3.6Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/04-Light Entertainment Audience, Boos And Hisses.wav - 3.5Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/05-Light Entertainment Audience, Sympathetic -Aaah-.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/06-Light Entertainment Audience, Laugh.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/07-Light Entertainment Audience, Small Laugh.wav - 1.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/08-Light Entertainment Audience, Bigger Laugh.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/09-Light Entertainment Audience, Loud Laugh, With Clapping.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/10-Light Entertainment Audience, Continuous Laughing.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/11-Light Entertainment Audience, Laugh Into Appluase.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/12-Light Entertainment Audience, Cheer Into Applause.wav - 3.2Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/13-Light Entertainment Audience, Continuous Applause.wav - 5.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/14-Theatre AND Concert Audience, Foyer During Interval.wav - 21.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/15-Theatre AND Concert Audience, Continuous Laughter In The Theatre.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/16-Theatre AND Concert Audience, Laughter, Applause Into Interval.wav - 31.2Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/17-Theatre AND Concert Audience, Concert, Applause And Tuning Before Work.wav - 23.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/18-Theatre AND Concert Audience, Applause Between Movements.wav - 4.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/19-Theatre AND Concert Audience, Applause, Cheers And Stamping After Work.wav - 41.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/20-Interior Crowds, Department Store.wav - 22.7Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/21-Interior Crowds, Press Reception.wav - 18.6Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/22-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, 2 1-4 Year-Old Baby Crying.wav - 21.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/23-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, 2 1_4 Year-Old Baby Talking Nonsense.wav - 40.9Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/24-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Hysterical Children In Class.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/25-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Noisy Children In Class, With Banging.wav - 14.2Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/26-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Children Cheering.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/27-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Children Booing And Hissing.wav - 5.2Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/28-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Children Chattering Quietly.wav - 16.7Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/29-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Children Quietly Fidgeting.wav - 20.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/30-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Forty Children Outside On Wet Gravel.wav - 22.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/31-Babies AND Children 8-10 Years, Two Thousand Children Outside.wav - 21.6Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/32-Sports Crowds, Football Crowd During Match.wav - 26.2Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/33-Sports Crowds, Crowd Reaction To Near Miss.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/34-Sports Crowds, Goal Scored.wav - 14.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/35-Sports Crowds, County Cricket Match.wav - 32.3Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/36-Street Crowds, London Marathon, Near Start.wav - 24.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/37-Street Crowds, London Marathon, Cheers And Applause.wav - 19.5Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/38-Street Crowds, Industrial Dispute, Jeers And Calls.wav - 9.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/39-Street Crowds, Industrial Dispute, Chanting.wav - 15.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/40-Street Crowds, Industrial Dispute, Cheers, Claps And Boos.wav - 8.7Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/41-Street Crowds, Large Crowd At Royal Occasion.wav - 23.5Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/42-Street Crowds, Cheers For Queen Outside Buckingham Palace.wav - 7.6Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/43-Footsteps, On Pavement, 1 Man Walking.wav - 11.0Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/44-Footsteps, On Pavement, 2 Men Walking.wav - 9.7Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/45-Footsteps, In Snow.wav - 11.1Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/46-Footsteps, In Shingle, With Distant Surf.wav - 11.4Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/47-Footsteps, Twenty Men In Broken Step.wav - 16.2Mb
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps/48-Footsteps, Group Of Young People Walking In Park.wav - 7.0Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/01-Swannee Whistle, Ascend And Descend, Slow.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/02-Swannee Whistle, Ascend And Descend, Fast.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/03-Swannee Whistle, Ascend And Descend, High-Pitched.wav - 1.8Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/04-Siren--Short.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/05-Siren--On Reverb.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/06-Siren--Long.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/07-Party Whistles--3.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/08-Horn--Sounded Twice.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/09-Horn, Angry Motorist.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/10-Vibra Slap.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/11-Metallic Twang.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/12-Metallic Twang--Vibratto.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/13-Wooden Twangs--2.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/14-Plunger.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/15-Slurp.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/16-Custard Pie.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/17-Burp.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/18-Raspberry--Long.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/19-Raspberry--Short.wav - 1.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/20-Throwing Up.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/21-Gargle.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/22-Snore.wav - 8.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/23-Hiccups.wav - 7.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/24-Kiss.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/25-Coughing And Spitting.wav - 3.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/26-Drinking From A Bucket.wav - 3.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/27-Drooling And Eyes Popping.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/28-Tum Punches--4.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/29-Tearing Fabric.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/30-Zeppelin Bomb-Drop Mechanism.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/31-Twang, Boing, Whistle.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/32-Bonk, Honk, Whiz.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/33-Twang, Razz, Pop.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/34-Bull's Eye--Glass Smash.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/35-Cuckoo Struck Dumb.wav - 3.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/36-Cork Twist And Pop.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/37-Kettle Blowing Its Top.wav - 11.8Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/38-Eating A Fly.wav - 8.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/39-Bed Bouncer.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/40-Wind-Up Clock.wav - 7.4Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/41-Dripping Taps--Musical.wav - 11.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/42-Laughing Man.wav - 4.0Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/43-Laughing Woman.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/44-Church Organist.wav - 7.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/45-Gibberish Phone Call.wav - 10.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/46-Old Jaolpy.wav - 34.4Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/47-Colliding Ships.wav - 6.8Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/48-Red Indians.wav - 15.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/49-Orgy.wav - 11.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/50-Exploding Music Machine.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/51-Footsteps In Mud.wav - 21.4Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/52-Animals, Seychelles Tortoice Mating.wav - 5.4Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/53-Animals, Laughing Horse.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/54-Animals, Horse On Cobbles.wav - 11.9Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/55-Animals, Thrown From A Horse.wav - 2.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/56-Animals, Many Horses Trotting.wav - 11.0Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/57-Animals, Lamb.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/58-Animals, Sheep And Lambs.wav - 9.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/59-Animals, Pig.wav - 7.0Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/60-Animals, Cow.wav - 5.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/61-Animals, Cat.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/62-Animals, Duck.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/63-Animals, Owl.wav - 3.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/64-Animals, Kookaburra.wav - 3.4Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/65-Animals, Jungle.wav - 20.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/66-Space Fantasy, Flying Saucer Takes Off.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/67-Space Fantasy, Alien Pods Land In Swamp.wav - 9.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/68-Space Fantasy, Alien Pod Lands, Sprouts 4 Legs, Walks Off.wav - 8.8Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/69-Space Fantasy, Meteor Passes.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/70-Space Fantasy, Laser Gun.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/71-Space Fantasy, Disintigrator Machine Strikes.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/72-Space Fantasy, Beaming Down.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/73-Space Fantasy, Cedric The CD Robot.wav - 9.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/74-Space Fantasy, Space Battle.wav - 17.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/75-Horror, Stretched On Rack.wav - 7.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/76-Horror, Branding Iron.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/77-Horror, Whiplashes--4.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/78-Horror, Cackling Hags.wav - 8.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/79-Horror, Pendulum Torture Machine.wav - 9.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/80-Legends, Thunderbolt And Thunderclap.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/81-Legends, Unicorn.wav - 3.3Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/82-Legends, Winged Monster Flies Away.wav - 2.8Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/83-Legends, Dragon Burns Its Fingers.wav - 11.2Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/84-Legends, Little People.wav - 6.7Mb
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour/85-Legends, The End.wav - 6.1Mb
BBC09 International/01-Belgium, 50 Junior School Pupils In Playground, Burges.wav - 41.4Mb
BBC09 International/02-Belgium, Quiet Shop Interior, No Cash Register, Burges.wav - 41.1Mb
BBC09 International/03-Holland, Fast Train At Level Crossing, Deurne.wav - 6.6Mb
BBC09 International/04-Holland, Busy Market With Carillon, Maastricht.wav - 38.8Mb
BBC09 International/05-Germany, Through Station, Trains Depart And Arrive, Koblenz.wav - 70.8Mb
BBC09 International/06-Germany, Pedestrian Precinct, Cologne.wav - 35.1Mb
BBC09 International/07-Germany, Railway Journey, S-Bahn, Overground, Berlin.wav - 34.2Mb
BBC09 International/08-Germany, Bus Journey, Berlin.wav - 37.1Mb
BBC09 International/09-Switzerland, Tram Journey, Basle.wav - 33.5Mb
BBC09 International/10-Switzerland, Large Cowbells.wav - 41.1Mb
BBC09 International/11-Switzerland, Small Cowbells.wav - 41.3Mb
BBC09 International/12-Italy, Roadside Station, Tran Passes Through, Hooter Sounding, Iseo.wav - 34.7Mb
BBC09 International/13-Italy, Mixed Teenage Chatter, School Corridor, Iseo.wav - 29.6Mb
BBC09 International/14-Italy, Busy Canal With Footsteps And Speech, 8am, Venice.wav - 42.1Mb
BBC09 International/15-Italy, Water-Bus Arrives At Stop, Passengers Disembark, Gate Slid Shut, Bus Departs, Venice.wav - 17.8Mb
BBC09 International/16-Italy, Large Square, Distant Perspective, Venice.wav - 36.0Mb
BBC09 International/17-France, Pedestrian Precinct, Arras-.wav - 36.0Mb
BBC09 International/18-Austria, Platform, Schwedenplatz Underground Station, Vienna.wav - 26.3Mb
BBC10 Communications/01-BT Domestic Telephones, Statesman Model, 10 Rings And Pick-Up.wav - 6.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/02-BT Domestic Telephones, Viscount Model, 12 Rings And Pick-Up.wav - 7.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/03-BT Payphones, Dial, Call Dialed--9 Digits.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC10 Communications/04-BT Payphones, Dial, Money Inserted.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC10 Communications/05-BT Payphones, Dial, Receiver Replaced Normally.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/06-BT Payphones, Dial, Receiver Replaced More Forcefully.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC10 Communications/07-BT Payphones, Dial, Telephone Ringing In Callbox.wav - 5.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/08-BT Payphones, Pushbutton, Money Inserted And Call Made--9 Digits.wav - 3.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/09-BT Payphones, Pushbutton, Receiver Replaced And Coins Returned.wav - 1.8Mb
BBC10 Communications/10-BT Payphones, Pushbutton, Telephone Ringing In Box.wav - 4.7Mb
BBC10 Communications/11-BT Lines AND Tones, Dial Payphone--Ips.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC10 Communications/12-BT Lines AND Tones, Pushbutton Payphone--Pips Heard.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC10 Communications/13-BT Lines AND Tones, International Line Noise With Metering.wav - 11.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/14-BT Lines AND Tones, STD Line Noise With Faint Crosstalk.wav - 11.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/15-BT Lines AND Tones, Local Line Noise.wav - 10.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/16-BT Lines AND Tones, BT Ringing Tones.wav - 5.8Mb
BBC10 Communications/17-BT Lines AND Tones, Pabx Ringing Tones, Phone Answered.wav - 6.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/18-BT Lines AND Tones, 3 STD Rings, Phone Answered With Pip.wav - 3.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/19-BT Lines AND Tones, 4 STD Rings, Phone Answered With Pip.wav - 3.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/20-BT Lines AND Tones, Called Party Rings Off, STD Line.wav - 1.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/21-BT Lines AND Tones, Caller Rings Off, Local Line, With 35 Sec Tone.wav - 8.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/22-BT Lines AND Tones, Telephone Engaged.wav - 6.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/23-BT Lines AND Tones, Equipment Engaged.wav - 4.4Mb
BBC10 Communications/24-BT Lines AND Tones, Number Unobtainable.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/25-BT Lines AND Tones, Group Of Dialing Pulses From Phone.wav - 3.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/26-BT Equipment AND Exchanges, Crossbar Electromechanical Exchange.wav - 20.8Mb
BBC10 Communications/27-BT Equipment AND Exchanges, Strowger Callmaker And Line-Tester, Running.wav - 20.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/28-BT Equipment AND Exchanges, Strowger Electromechanical Exchange.wav - 20.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/29-BT Equipment AND Exchanges, Telephone Operators, Jackfield Switchroom.wav - 20.8Mb
BBC10 Communications/30-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Typing Text Into A Computer.wav - 21.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/31-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Disc Drive Operating.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/32-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, 2 Keystrokes And Bleeps--Mistaken Input.wav - 1,015.3Kb
BBC10 Communications/33-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Amstrad Dot-Matrix Printer, Print.wav - 17.6Mb
BBC10 Communications/34-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Epson Dot-Matrix Printer, Switch-On And Print.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC10 Communications/35-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Juki Daisywheel Printer, Switch-On And Print.wav - 13.6Mb
BBC10 Communications/36-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Olivetti Praxis 35 Typewriter, Switch-On.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/37-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Olivetti--Paragraph Indent And Type.wav - 14.6Mb
BBC10 Communications/38-Computers, Telex AND Typewriters, Transtel Teleprinters In News Area.wav - 20.7Mb
BBC10 Communications/39-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Rex Stencil Duplicator Run By Hand.wav - 9.9Mb
BBC10 Communications/40-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Rex Stencil Duplicator Run Electrically.wav - 11.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/41-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Small Photocopier, 6 Copies Made.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC10 Communications/42-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Large Collator-Copier--Start, Run, Stop.wav - 23.6Mb
BBC10 Communications/43-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Linotype Machine, Operator's Perspective.wav - 21.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/44-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Linotype Hall With Proofing Machines.wav - 23.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/45-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Cosser Letterpress--Cutters Being ADJusted.wav - 16.6Mb
BBC10 Communications/46-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Cosser Letterpress--Start, Run, Stop.wav - 21.0Mb
BBC10 Communications/47-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Singlewidth Web-Offset Press, Run.wav - 21.1Mb
BBC10 Communications/48-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Doublewidth Web-Offset Press.wav - 22.6Mb
BBC10 Communications/49-Printing Machinery AND Copiers, Doublewidth Press--Start, Run, Stop.wav - 42.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/50-Postal, Automatic Letter Sorter--Start, Run, Stop.wav - 23.2Mb
BBC10 Communications/51-Time Signals, GTS--before Jan 1st, 1972.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC10 Communications/52-Time Signals, GTS--Jan 1st, 1972 Onward.wav - 1.1Mb
BBC11 Water/01-Rivers And Streams, Brook.wav - 51.9Mb
BBC11 Water/02-Rivers And Streams, River_ Rapids.wav - 51.8Mb
BBC11 Water/03-Rivers And Streams, Stream_ Small.wav - 51.3Mb
BBC11 Water/04-Rivers And Streams, Waterfall.wav - 51.3Mb
BBC11 Water/05-Rivers And Streams, Weir_ River Thames.wav - 51.2Mb
BBC11 Water/06-Rivers And Streams, Stream Flowing Down A Drain.wav - 41.3Mb
BBC11 Water/07-Rivers And Streams, River Lock Filling_ River Thames.wav - 19.4Mb
BBC11 Water/08-Rivers And Streams, Lock Gates_ River Thames.wav - 3.0Mb
BBC11 Water/09-Seawash, Rising Tide On Rocks.wav - 61.7Mb
BBC11 Water/10-Seawash, Sea From Cliff Top.wav - 52.0Mb
BBC11 Water/11-Miscellaneous, Cave_ Witches Kichen, Wookey Hole.wav - 21.9Mb
BBC11 Water/12-Miscellaneous, Splash_ Large.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC11 Water/13-Miscellaneous, Splash_ Similar.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC11 Water/14-Miscellaneous, Person Thashing In Water.wav - 10.2Mb
BBC11 Water/15-Miscellaneous, Car Wash_ From Inside Car.wav - 18.4Mb
BBC11 Water/16-Miscellaneous, Water Flowing Down Drain_ Start, Stop.wav - 16.3Mb
BBC11 Water/17-Miscellaneous, Hose Pipe_ Start, Stop.wav - 10.3Mb
BBC11 Water/18-Miscellaneous, Hail On Umbrella.wav - 41.1Mb
BBC11 Water/19-Miscellaneous, Fish Farm_ Breeding Room.wav - 22.8Mb
BBC11 Water/20-Miscellaneous, Waterfall_ Small.wav - 20.5Mb
BBC12 British Birds/01-BlackBird (Turdus Merula) With Quiet Town Garden, Dawn Chorus And Occasional Distant Car.wav - 32.5Mb
BBC12 British Birds/02-BlackCap (Sylvia Atricapilla).wav - 32.7Mb
BBC12 British Birds/03-Chaffinch (Fringilla Coelebs).wav - 13.9Mb
BBC12 British Birds/04-Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus Collybita) With Distant Bullfinch, Wren And Sheep On Slightly Windy Day.wav - 27.0Mb
BBC12 British Birds/05-Common Gull (Larus Canus) Calls Of Ten Pairs At Breeding Colony, With Lapping Water.wav - 21.7Mb
BBC12 British Birds/06-House Martin (Delichon Urbica) Female Calling At Nest Entrance.wav - 25.5Mb
BBC12 British Birds/07-Lapwing (Vanellus Vanellus) Female Ground Anxiety Call, With Distant Airplane.wav - 11.6Mb
BBC12 British Birds/08-Linnet (Acanthis Cannabina).wav - 30.6Mb
BBC12 British Birds/09-Nightingale (Luscinia Megarhynchos).wav - 21.2Mb
BBC12 British Birds/10-Tawny Owl (Strix Aluco) Hunting Calls With Chorus Of Dark Bush-Crickets.wav - 22.5Mb
BBC12 British Birds/11-Oystercatcher (Haematopus Ostralegus) Calls With Skylark And Heavy Sea In Background.wav - 8.9Mb
BBC12 British Birds/12-Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus Scirpaceus) Song Of Unmated Male With Very Distant Cows.wav - 26.5Mb
BBC12 British Birds/13-Ring Ouzel (Turdus Torquatus) Song, With Song Of Second Bird, Red Grouse And Cuckoo In Background.wav - 30.4Mb
BBC12 British Birds/14-Robin (Erithacus Rubecula) With Distant Sheep.wav - 30.6Mb
BBC12 British Birds/15-Rookery, Nests Of Rookery, With Nestlings.wav - 31.2Mb
BBC12 British Birds/16-Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus Schoenobaenus).wav - 30.7Mb
BBC12 British Birds/17-Skylark (Alauda Arvensis) Song-Flight, With Occasional Gusts Of Wind.wav - 25.3Mb
BBC12 British Birds/18-Stonechat (Saxicola Torquata) Song With Chaffinch And Skylarks In Background.wav - 28.2Mb
BBC12 British Birds/19-Coal Tits (Parusater) Two Pairs Displaying To Each Other On Territorial Boundary.wav - 19.9Mb
BBC12 British Birds/20-Wheater (Oenanthe Oenanthe) Song, With Sheep, Cuckoo And Willow Warbler In Background.wav - 30.8Mb
BBC12 British Birds/21-Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus Trochilus) Song, With Distand Cuckoo.wav - 31.6Mb
BBC12 British Birds/22-Whitethroat (Sylvia Communis) Song, With Willow Warbler.wav - 12.5Mb
BBC12 British Birds/23-Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia Curraca).wav - 14.7Mb
BBC12 British Birds/24-Wren (Troglodytes Troglodytes).wav - 10.8Mb
BBC12 British Birds/25-Cockerel (Domestic Fowl) Two Cocks Crowing Alternately (2nd Cock From A Distance).wav - 4.1Mb
BBC13 Industry/01-Brewing, Jacob's Ladder.wav - 31.7Mb
BBC13 Industry/02-Brewing, Grist Mill.wav - 31.1Mb
BBC13 Industry/03-Brewing, Tun Room--Vessels Being Scrubbed Out.wav - 31.3Mb
BBC13 Industry/04-Milk Bottle Plant, Bottle Cleaning.wav - 22.1Mb
BBC13 Industry/05-Milk Bottle Plant, Bottle Filling--Filled And Capped.wav - 22.2Mb
BBC13 Industry/06-Textiles, knitting--Mayer Circular Fleece-Knitting Machine.wav - 26.3Mb
BBC13 Industry/07-Textiles, weaving--Sulzer Weaving Loom.wav - 32.0Mb
BBC13 Industry/08-Textiles, warping--Hattersley Warping Frame.wav - 31.7Mb
BBC13 Industry/09-China Factory, Vibrator.wav - 27.3Mb
BBC13 Industry/10-China Factory, Chcking The Ware For Faults.wav - 23.7Mb
BBC13 Industry/11-China Factory, Plate Making.wav - 32.5Mb
BBC13 Industry/12-Stainless Steel Making, Slab Grinding Machine.wav - 28.9Mb
BBC13 Industry/13-Stainless Steel Making, Gas Fired Ladle Pre-Heater.wav - 40.4Mb
BBC13 Industry/14-Stainless Steel Making, Hot Plate Mill, Contactor House Distant Voices.wav - 31.9Mb
BBC13 Industry/15-Stainless Steel Making, Hot Stainless Plate Mill.wav - 23.3Mb
BBC13 Industry/16-Stainless Steel Making, Electric Arc-Welding Shop.wav - 32.8Mb
BBC13 Industry/17-Refuse Skip, Approach And Delivery Of Skip, Distant Birds.wav - 18.9Mb
BBC13 Industry/18-Refuse Skip, Skip Loaded On To Lorry And Removed, Distant Birds.wav - 14.9Mb
BBC13 Industry/19-Refuse Skip, Rummaging In Full Skip, Distant Traffic.wav - 7.2Mb
BBC13 Industry/20-Grinding, Bevelling On A Grinding Wheel.wav - 30.1Mb
BBC13 Industry/21-Water-Mill, Water Wheel Turning, Exterior.wav - 31.8Mb
BBC13 Industry/22-Water-Mill, Water-Mill, Interior.wav - 30.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/01-BIG BEN, Chiming And Striking 12 O'clock.wav - 14.8Mb
BBC14 Cities/02-BIG BEN, Chiming Quarter Hour.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC14 Cities/03-BIG BEN, Chiming Half Hour.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC14 Cities/04-BIG BEN, Chiming Three-Quarter Hour.wav - 4.8Mb
BBC14 Cities/05-BIG BEN, Chiming And Striking 1 O'clock.wav - 7.1Mb
BBC14 Cities/06-BIG BEN, Ticking.wav - 11.2Mb
BBC14 Cities/07-Lutine Bell, Lloyds, Rung Twice--For An Overdue Ship.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/08-Lutine Bell, Lloyds, Rung Once--For A Total Wreck.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC14 Cities/09-Taxi, Exterior, Arrive, Door Open_Shutr, Depart.wav - 8.4Mb
BBC14 Cities/10-Taxi, Exterior, Ticks Over.wav - 9.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/11-Taxi, Interior, Ticks Over, Door Opens, Shuts.wav - 5.5Mb
BBC14 Cities/12-Taxi, Interior, Constant Run.wav - 37.7Mb
BBC14 Cities/13-BUS, Exterior, Arrives And Departs.wav - 7.0Mb
BBC14 Cities/14-BUS, Interior, Constant Run, Lower Deck.wav - 25.3Mb
BBC14 Cities/15-BUS, Interior, Constant Run, Upper Deck.wav - 31.0Mb
BBC14 Cities/16-BUS, Interior, Bell Rung Twice.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC14 Cities/17-BUS, Interior, Buzzer Rung Once.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC14 Cities/18-Docklands Light Railway, Interior, Constant Run, Two Station Stops.wav - 34.0Mb
BBC14 Cities/19-Docklands Light Railway, Exterior, Arrives, Door Opens And Shuts, Departs.wav - 11.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/20-Atmospheres, Waterside, With Distant Industry, River Boat Passing.wav - 50.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/21-Atmospheres, Wholesale Market--Fish.wav - 44.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/22-Atmospheres, Food Hall In Large Department Store, With Voices, Cash Tills And Meat Slicer.wav - 42.3Mb
BBC14 Cities/23-Atmospheres, Cathedral, With Large Tourist Group.wav - 42.1Mb
BBC14 Cities/24-ATMOSPHERES,z Oo, Interior Of Bird House With Children.wav - 45.8Mb
BBC14 Cities/25-Atmospheres, Pigeons, Feeding With Distant Traffic.wav - 12.1Mb
BBC14 Cities/26-Atmospheres, Pigeons, Rising.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC14 Cities/27-Atmospheres, Starlings, Roosting In City Square, With Some Voices.wav - 41.2Mb
BBC14 Cities/28-Atmospheres, Street, Mainly Pedestrian, With International Voices.wav - 42.6Mb
BBC14 Cities/29-Atmospheres, Early Morning, With Seagulls And Distant Street Cleaners.wav - 29.2Mb
BBC14 Cities/30-Atmospheres, City Dealing Room, A Large Crowded Electronic Office.wav - 64.2Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/01-Farmstead_ Late Spring, Early Morning.wav - 85.2Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/02-Village_ Late Spring, Evening.wav - 34.8Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/03-Farmstead_ Summer, Early Morning.wav - 42.4Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/04-Cultivated Land (Warm Temperate)_ Late Spring, Midday.wav - 43.7Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/05-Cultivated Lnad (Semi-Arid)_Late Spring, Midday.wav - 45.0Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/06-Farmstead_ Summer, Night.wav - 42.8Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/07-Broad-Leaved Woodland_ Late Spring, Early Morning.wav - 68.9Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/08-Broad-Leaved Woodland_ Late Spring, Early Morning (Mediterranean Region Only).wav - 40.7Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/09-Mixed Woodland_ Early Spring, Early Morning.wav - 44.3Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/10-Coniferous Woodland_ Late Spring, Early Morning.wav - 52.6Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/11-Heather Moorland_ Late Spring, Early Morning.wav - 53.1Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/12-Heather Morning_ Late Spring, Evening.wav - 61.8Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/13-Lake_ Early Spring, Early Morning.wav - 44.1Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/14-Low Lying Marshy Pasture_ Winter, Early Morning.wav - 52.4Mb
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres/15-Lake_ Late Spring, Night.wav - 40.6Mb
BBC16 Cars/01-Car, Exterior, Door Opens And Shuts.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC16 Cars/02-Car, Exterior, Tin Door Opens And Shuts.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC16 Cars/03-Car, Exterior, Hatch Opens.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/04-Car, Exterior, Hatch Opens.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC16 Cars/05-Car, Exterior, Hatch Shuts.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/06-Car, Interior, Door Opens And Shuts.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC16 Cars/07-Car, Window Wound Down And Up.wav - 2.6Mb
BBC16 Cars/08-Car, Interior, Window Wound Down And Up.wav - 4.0Mb
BBC16 Cars/09-Car, Interior, Seatbelt Fastened.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/10-Car, Interior, Seatbelt Released.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/11-Car, Interior, Handbrake On.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/12-Car, Interior, Handbrake Released.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC16 Cars/13-Car, Interior, Indicators Operating.wav - 11.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/14-Car, Interior, Horn--4 Blasts.wav - 3.1Mb
BBC16 Cars/15-Car, Exterior, Hors--6 Blasts.wav - 2.6Mb
BBC16 Cars/16-Car, Interior, Windscreen Wipers, Slow.wav - 22.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/17-Car, Interior, Winndscreen Wipers, Fast.wav - 8.1Mb
BBC16 Cars/18-Car, Interior, Heating Fan.wav - 18.2Mb
BBC16 Cars/19-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Interior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 11.6Mb
BBC16 Cars/20-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Interior, Switch In, Reverse, Switch Off.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/21-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Interior, Constant Run, Switch Off.wav - 56.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/22-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Exterior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 17.1Mb
BBC16 Cars/23-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Exterior, Switch On, Depart.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/24-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Exterior, Approach From Left And Stop.wav - 5.0Mb
BBC16 Cars/25-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Exterior, Slow Pass Right To Left.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/26-Ford Fiesta, 1-1 L Hatchback, Exterior, Fast Pass Right To Left.wav - 6.8Mb
BBC16 Cars/27-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Interior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 8.9Mb
BBC16 Cars/28-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Interior, Switch On, Constant Run, Switch Off.wav - 52.6Mb
BBC16 Cars/29-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Exterior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 11.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/30-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Exterior, Switch On, Rev Cold Engine, Fails.wav - 10.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/31-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Exterior, Switch On, Depart.wav - 4.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/32-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Exterior, Approach From Right And Stop, Off.wav - 4.0Mb
BBC16 Cars/33-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Exterior, Slow Pass Left To Right.wav - 4.4Mb
BBC16 Cars/34-Vauxhall Carlton, Saloon, Exterior, Medium Speed Pass Right To Left.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC16 Cars/35-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Interior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 11.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/36-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Interior, Constant Run, Stop, Wsitch Off.wav - 63.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/37-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Interior, Constant Run, Skids To A Stop.wav - 4.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/38-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 27.4Mb
BBC16 Cars/39-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Switch On, Depart.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/40-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Switch On, Fast Depart With Squeal.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC16 Cars/41-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Apprach From Right, Idle, Off.wav - 5.0Mb
BBC16 Cars/42-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Approach From Left, Skid, Switch Off.wav - 5.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/43-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Approach From Right, Skid, Reverse.wav - 5.8Mb
BBC16 Cars/44-Peugeot, 1-9 L Diesel, Exterior, Slow Pass Right To Left.wav - 5.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/45-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Interior, Switch On, Constant Run.wav - 77.0Mb
BBC16 Cars/46-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Interior, Skid To Stop.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC16 Cars/47-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Interior, Approach, Run, Leave Motorway.wav - 52.8Mb
BBC16 Cars/48-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Two False Starts.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/49-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Switch On, Idle, Switch Off.wav - 24.8Mb
BBC16 Cars/50-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Switch On, Depart.wav - 4.8Mb
BBC16 Cars/51-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Switch On, Fast Depart.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/52-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Approach From Right, Idle, Off.wav - 5.3Mb
BBC16 Cars/53-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Approach From Right, Skid, Off.wav - 5.2Mb
BBC16 Cars/54-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Pass Right Ot Left.wav - 5.2Mb
BBC16 Cars/55-Jaguar Sovereign, 3-6 L, Exterior, Fast Pass Left To Right.wav - 4.7Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/01-Football Teenagers Playing A Game.wav - 51.0Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/02-Gold Chip Shot.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/03-Gold Iron Shot.wav - 6.7Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/04-Golf 5 Driving Shots.wav - 5.4Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/05-Golf Bunker Shot.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/06-Golf 3 Putting Shots.wav - 3.3Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/07-Squash 1 Person Rec On Court.wav - 49.9Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/08-Squash Game Rec From The Gallery With Occasional Speach.wav - 38.9Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/09-Snooker Amateur.wav - 48.1Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/10-Snooker One Shot.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/11-Table Tennis Amateurs Playing.wav - 44.4Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/12-Trampoline Using A Mat Often Found In Schools.wav - 11.7Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/13-Trampoline Using A Competition Mat.wav - 16.1Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/14-Trampoline Competition Sequence Warm Up & 10 Display Jumps.wav - 6.0Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/15-Multigym 2 People Working Out.wav - 50.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/16-Exercise Bike With Pad Brake IE Cheap.wav - 9.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/17-Exercise Bike Hydraulic With Times Up Bell.wav - 8.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/18-Weight Training Group With Occasional Speach.wav - 32.2Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/19-Badminton Amateurs Playing Indoors.wav - 37.2Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/20-Ladies Bowls An Indoor Meeting With Speech.wav - 31.3Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/21-Fencing Practice.wav - 13.9Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/22-Ice Skating Spin On An Indoor Rink (For Use At Low Level).wav - 3.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/23-Ice Skating 1 Person Circling Close, Others In The Distance On An Indoor Rink (For Use At Low Level).wav - 21.1Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/24-Darts Dart Thrown At Board.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/25-Croquet Ball Hit.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/26-Roulette Wheel Spinning Large Ball.wav - 4.2Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/27-Roulette Wheel Spinning Small Ball.wav - 3.2Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/28-Gambling Chip Sorting Machine.wav - 3.5Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/29-Motor Racing Start Line, Formula 2, Recorded At Brands Hatch 1987.wav - 5.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/30-Motor Racing Saloon Cars Cornering, Recorded At Brands Hatch 1987.wav - 10.1Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/31-Motor Racing Saloon Cars Passing, Recorded At Brands Hatch 1987.wav - 15.2Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/32-Swimming And Diving Swimming Crowded Indoor Pool.wav - 41.5Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/33-Swimming And Diving Diving Sub Aqua As Heard By The Diver.wav - 23.4Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/34-Swimming And Diving Swimming Almost Empty Indoor Pool, 1 Person Passes.wav - 12.0Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/35-Skiing Downhill.wav - 21.3Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/36-Skiing Cross Country.wav - 22.1Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/37-Horse Racing Horses Pass - With Speech.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/38-Cricket Village Match, Good, Out (To Be Played At Low Level).wav - 35.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/39-Rugby County Match With A Large Crowd, Scrum.wav - 46.6Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/40-Ball Single Kick.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC17 Sport & Leisure/41-Untitled.wav - 797.1Kb
BBC18 Bang!/01-Fireworks, Chrysanthemum Fountain--Fizz.wav - 4.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/02-Fireworks, Retrojet Fountain--Fizz, Crackle.wav - 8.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/03-Fireworks, Crackerjeck Fountains--Crackle.wav - 5.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/04-Fireworks, Mine Of Serpents--Fizz, Pop.wav - 2.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/05-Fireworks, Roman Candle--Fizz, Pops.wav - 5.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/06-Fireworks, Thunderflash--Bang.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/07-Fireworks, Rocket.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/08-Fireworks, Screamer.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/09-Fireworks, Chinese Fire Cracker With Indistinct Speech.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/10-Fireworks, Ground Mine--Thump, Bang--With Indistinct Speech.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/11-Fireworks, Catherine Wheel With Indistinct Speech.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC18 Bang!/12-Fireworks, Firework Night--Atmosphere In Suburban England.wav - 46.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/13-Glass, Wine Bottle Breaks.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/14-Glass, Beer Bottle Breaks, With Fizz.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC18 Bang!/15-Glass, Bag Of Bottles Break.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/16-Gelignite, 2x8 Oz Sticks Explode At 20 Ft.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/17-Gelignite, 3x8 Oz Sticks Explode At 20 Ft.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/18-Quarrying, Siren-- 3 Blasts, Short World War II Siren.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/19-Quarrying, Explosion--Single Blast In Hardstone Quarry.wav - 4.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/20-Quarrying, Dumper Tricks, 3 Start Up And Depart.wav - 12.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/21-Quarrying, Rock Crusher, Lorry Unloads And Crusher Operates.wav - 19.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/22-Quarrying, Road Drill, With Compressor.wav - 21.8Mb
BBC18 Bang!/23-Alarms, Electronic Alarm 1--Urgent.wav - 15.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/24-Alarms, Electronic Alarm 2--Gun Shots.wav - 4.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/25-Alarms, Electronic Alarm 3--Wail With A Wobble On Top.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/26-Alarms, Electronic Alarm 4--Rapid Pips.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC18 Bang!/27-Alarms, Car Alarm.wav - 3.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/28-Alarms, Burglar Alarm, Electronic Spin.wav - 3.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/29-Alarms, Burglar Alarm, Bell.wav - 6.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/30-Warfare, Sniper, Single Shot From A Position 10 Ft Away.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/31-Warfare, 5-6mm Gas Operated Rifle--6 Single Shots, Close.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/32-Warfare, 5-6mm Gas Operated Rifle--6 Single Shots, Distant.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/33-Warfare, 5-6mm Gas Operated Rifle--Single Shots, Close.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC18 Bang!/34-Warfare, 5-6mm Gas Operated Rifle--Single Shots, Distant.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/35-Warfare, 5-6mm Gas Operated Rifle--200 Rounds, Close.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/36-Warfare, 5-6mm Gas Operated Rifle--200 Rounds, Distant.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC18 Bang!/37-Warfare, 5-56mm Light Support Weapon Firing, Close.wav - 1.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/38-Warfare, 5-56mm Light Support Weapon Firing, Distant.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/39-Warfare, Machine Guns Firing From All Sides--Close.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/40-Warfare, General Purpose Machine Gun--From Close Left.wav - 2.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/41-Warfare, General Purpose Machine Gun--Distant.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/42-Warfare, General Purpose Machine Gun In Front And Left.wav - 5.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/43-Warfare, General Purpose Machine Gun Firing Behind And Above.wav - 3.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/44-Warfare, General Purpose Machine Gun Pimple And Turret.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC18 Bang!/45-Warfare, Rapid Fire In Air Defence.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/46-Warfare, General Purpose Machine Gun Surface Fire, Distant.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/47-Warfare, Rapid Fire, Distant.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/48-Warfare, 84mm Medium Anti-Tank Weapon, 2 Rounds HE.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/49-Warfare, 84mm Medium Anti-Tank Weapon, 2 Rounds.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/50-Warfare, 66mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon Fires, 2 Rounds.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC18 Bang!/51-Warfare, 81mm Medium Mortar Firing High Explosive.wav - 5.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/52-Warfare, 81mm Medium Mortar Firing High Explosive And Smoke.wav - 7.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/53-Warfare, 81mm Medium Mortar Firing High Explosive And Smoke 2.wav - 7.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/54-Warfare, Scimitar, 3 Shots Fired, Close.wav - 3.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/55-Warfare, Scimitar, Firing On Automatic, Close.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/56-Warfare, Scimitar, 3 Shots Fired, Distant.wav - 3.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/57-Warfare, Scimitar, Firing On Automatic, Distant.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/58-Warfare, Chieftain, 105mm Shell 2 Rounds.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC18 Bang!/59-Warfare, Chieftain, 105mm Shell Firing 2 Rounds.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC18 Bang!/60-Warfare, Chieftain, Firing Armor Piercing, Close.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/61-Warfare, Chieftain, Firing Armour Piercing, Receiving End.wav - 1.8Mb
BBC18 Bang!/62-Warfare, Chieftain, Firing High Explosive Squash HEad, Hesh.wav - 9.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/63-Warfare, Chieftain, Firing Hesh 3 Rounds, Distant.wav - 5.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/64-Warfare, Chieftain, Firing On The Move, Machine Guns And Shells.wav - 13.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/65-Warfare, Chieftain, Firing On The Move, Machine Guns And Shells 2.wav - 7.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/66-Warfare, Scorpion Firing Hesh Round.wav - 2.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/67-Warfare, Scorpion Firing Hesh, Distant, 5 Rounds.wav - 7.5Mb
BBC18 Bang!/68-Warfare, Battlefield, Close.wav - 21.8Mb
BBC18 Bang!/69-Warfare, Battlefield Middle-Distant With Close Mortars Firing.wav - 28.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/70-Warfare, Battlefield Distant With Some Explosions.wav - 26.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/71-Warfare, RAF Harriers, 3 Fly Overhead.wav - 6.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/72-Warfare, RAF Harriers, 3 Fly Overhead Firing Rockets.wav - 6.2Mb
BBC18 Bang!/73-Warfare, RAF Harriers, 3 Fly Overhead Firing Cannon.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC18 Bang!/74-Warfare, Usaf Fairchild A10 Thunderbolts, 4 Fly Overhead.wav - 9.9Mb
BBC18 Bang!/75-Warfare, Usaf Fairchild A10 Thunderbolts, 2 Fly Over Firing.wav - 4.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/76-Warfare, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Exterior, Passes.wav - 5.0Mb
BBC18 Bang!/77-Warfare, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Exterior.wav - 8.8Mb
BBC18 Bang!/78-Warfare, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Interior.wav - 17.1Mb
BBC18 Bang!/79-Warfare, Chieftain, Interior.wav - 14.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/80-Warfare, Tanks Approaching And Manoeuvring In Mud.wav - 30.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/81-Warfare, Atmosphere Of Tanks And Soldiers.wav - 12.6Mb
BBC18 Bang!/82-Warfare, Landrover Exterior.wav - 23.4Mb
BBC18 Bang!/83-Warfare, Landrover Exterior, Switch On_Depart On Wet Ground.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC18 Bang!/84-Warfare, Landrover Exterior, Passes Right To Left On Wet Ground.wav - 2.8Mb
BBC18 Bang!/85-Warfare, Landrover Exterior Approach And Stop On Wet Ground.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/01-Repeating Cat Alarm.wav - 8.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/02-Mewing Kitten Alarm.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/03-Mewing Kitten Alarm (Higher Pitch).wav - 3.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/04-Rapid Warble Alarm.wav - 6.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/05-Rapid Warble Alarm (Higher Pitch).wav - 6.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/06-Synthesised Air Raid Alarm.wav - 8.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/07-Slow Cyclical Alarm.wav - 7.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/08-Rapid Cyclical Alarm.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/09-Emergency Alarm 1 (With Slight Phasing).wav - 6.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/10-Emergency Alarm 2 (With Slight Phasing).wav - 5.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/11-Descending Siren.wav - 6.8Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/12-Electronic Alarm Bell.wav - 6.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/13-4 Minute Warning Alert (2 Cycles).wav - 2.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/14-4 Minute Warning Alert (2 Cycles, Higher Pitch).wav - 2.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/15-4 Minute Warning Alert (Massed Sirens).wav - 5.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/16-Talking Computer 1 (Mid Pitch, Harmonic).wav - 11.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/17-Talking Computer 2 (Low Pitch, Harmonic).wav - 9.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/18-Talking Computer 3 (Mid Pitch, Digital).wav - 12.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/19-Talking Computer 4 (Mid Pitch With Warble).wav - 8.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/20-Rapid Chattering Computer (Descending Pitch).wav - 5.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/21-Buzzing Computer (With Constant Tone Background).wav - 7.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/22-Single Crash.wav - 1.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/23-2 Crashes.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/24-Single Severe Crash.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/25-Descending Crash.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/26-Descending Projectile Passes Right To Left.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/27-Descending Projectile Passes Left To Right.wav - 1.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/28-Descending Projectile Passes Left To Right (Lower Pitch).wav - 1.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/29-Space Craft Lands.wav - 3.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/30-Electronic Pipes Dropped.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/31-Bubbles (Rising Pitch).wav - 2.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/32-Missile Ricochets Left To Right.wav - 1.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/33-Missile Ricochets Right To Left.wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/34-Missile Ricochets Right To Left (Lower Pitch).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/35-Eerie Electronic Noise.wav - 2.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/36-Eerie Electronic Noise (Various Different Pitches).wav - 4.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/37-Sliding Door (Slow With Mechanism Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/38-Sliding Door (Rapid With Mechanishm Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/39-Sliding Door (Rapid With Mechanism Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/40-Sliding Door (Medium With Mechanism Hum).wav - 1.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/41-Sliding Door (No Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/42-Sliding Door (Medium, No Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/43-Sliding Door (Rapid, No Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/44-Sliding Door (Slow, No Hum).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/45-Machine Gun Rhythm (Slow).wav - 2.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/46-Machine Gun Rhythm (Rapid, Slow Burst).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/47-Machine Gun Rhythm (Rapid, Series Of Bursts).wav - 6.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/48-Machine Gun Rhythm (Rapid, Prolonged Bursts).wav - 4.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/49-Compressed Gas Gun (Single Shot).wav - 1.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/50-Compressed Gas Gun (6 Single Shots).wav - 2.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/51-Compressed Gas Gun (Single Burst).wav - 1.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/52-Compressed Gas Gun (Mixed Bursts & Single Shots).wav - 2.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/53-Pump Action Rifle (Single Shot).wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/54-Pump Action Rifle (6 Single Shots).wav - 2.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/55-Pump Action Rifle (Short Bursts).wav - 3.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/56-Inverse Gun (Single Shot).wav - 2.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/57-Inverse Gun (6 Single Shots).wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/58-Inverse Gun (Bursts).wav - 2.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/59-Variable Velocity Gun (Single Shot).wav - 2.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/60-Variable Velocity Gun (3 Single Shots).wav - 3.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/61-Variable Velocity Gun (Shot Bursts).wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/62-Variable Velocity Gun (Series Of Bursts).wav - 2.8Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/63-Stun Gun (Single Shot).wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/64-Stun Gun (3 Single Shots).wav - 1.8Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/65-Stun Gun (Rapid Single Shots).wav - 2.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/66-Stun Gun (Single Burst).wav - 1.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/67-Stun Gun (Series Of Bursts).wav - 4.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/68-Stun Gun (Prolonged Bursts)).wav - 2.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/69-Hand Phaser Weapon (Single Shot).wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/70-Hand Phaser Weapon (6 Single Shots).wav - 2.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/71-Hand Phaser Weapon (Bursts).wav - 3.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/72-High Power Phaser Weapon (Single Shot).wav - 1.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/73-High Power Phaser Weapon (4 Single Shots).wav - 1.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/74-Hihg Power Phaser Weapon (Bursts).wav - 2.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/75-Mid Pitch Pulsing Hum.wav - 26.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/76-Pulsing Harmonic Bass Hum.wav - 24.9Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/77-Threatening Robotic Hum.wav - 19.8Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/78-Digital Hum.wav - 17.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/79-Variable Pitch Harmonic Hum.wav - 15.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/80-High Pitch Pulsating Hum.wav - 26.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/81-Generator Hum.wav - 17.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/82-Single Motor 1.wav - 26.8Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/83-Single Motor 2.wav - 26.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/84-Single Motor 3.wav - 26.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/85-Motor Starts Into Constant Run.wav - 20.4Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/86-Multiple Motors 1.wav - 26.8Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/87-Multiple Motors 2 (Higher Pitch).wav - 26.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/88-Multiple Motors 3 (Larger).wav - 33.5Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/89-High Pitch Machinery.wav - 11.3Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/90-Warble.wav - 11.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/91-Machine Buzz 1.wav - 17.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/92-Machine Buzz 2.wav - 25.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/93-Machine Hum With Heartbeat.wav - 13.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/94-Particle Beaming Device (Constant Background).wav - 26.6Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/95-Particle Beaming Device (Idle Run Up, Run Down Idle).wav - 10.2Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/96-Particle Beaming Device (Run Up, Fades).wav - 4.7Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/97-Simulated Jet Engine (Run Up, Run Down).wav - 10.0Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/98-Pulsating Pink Noises.wav - 13.1Mb
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds/99-Synthesised Crickets.wav - 10.4Mb
BBC20 Weather I/01-Steady night breeze.wav - 43.8Mb
BBC20 Weather I/02-Flag flapping in the breeze with birdsong.wav - 41.6Mb
BBC20 Weather I/03-Strong wind in the trees.wav - 56.9Mb
BBC20 Weather I/04-Gusty wind in bushes.wav - 46.7Mb
BBC20 Weather I/05-Gale heard from inside house with rattling windows.wav - 54.8Mb
BBC20 Weather I/06-Tree creaking in strong wind.wav - 38.8Mb
BBC20 Weather I/07-Blustery wind through fence.wav - 29.7Mb
BBC20 Weather I/08-Gusty wind through wires.wav - 27.3Mb
BBC20 Weather I/09-Gale through boat rigging.wav - 23.5Mb
BBC20 Weather I/10-Wind whistling through crack with distant birdsong.wav - 36.6Mb
BBC20 Weather I/11-Low-pitched wind.wav - 56.9Mb
BBC20 Weather I/12-Polar wind.wav - 56.7Mb
BBC20 Weather I/13-High-pitched wind.wav - 35.6Mb
BBC20 Weather I/14-Blizzard.wav - 26.3Mb
BBC20 Weather I/15-Howling wind.wav - 57.3Mb
BBC20 Weather I/16-Antarctic white-out.wav - 48.3Mb
BBC20 Weather I/17-Tornado (synthesized).wav - 22.4Mb
BBC21 Weather II/01-Heavy Rain In Yard (With Gully Noise).wav - 29.9Mb
BBC21 Weather II/02-Rain On Foliage.wav - 56.4Mb
BBC21 Weather II/03-Rain On Water (Close Perspective).wav - 46.3Mb
BBC21 Weather II/04-Driving Rain On Window (Interior Acoustic).wav - 49.5Mb
BBC21 Weather II/05-Rain On Window With Water Dripping Off Roof (Interior Acoustic).wav - 39.6Mb
BBC21 Weather II/06-Heavy Rain On Car (Interior Acoustic).wav - 46.5Mb
BBC21 Weather II/07-Hail On Window (Interior Acoustic).wav - 21.0Mb
BBC21 Weather II/08-Rain On Perspex-Roofed Shed.wav - 66.9Mb
BBC21 Weather II/09-Rain On Corrugated Iron Rood Shed.wav - 27.1Mb
BBC21 Weather II/10-Rain On Tent.wav - 52.7Mb
BBC21 Weather II/11-Gale-Force Wind And Rain On Yacht (Recorded In Cockpit).wav - 30.8Mb
BBC21 Weather II/12-Gale-Force Wind And Rain On Yacht (Recorded In Cabin).wav - 35.9Mb
BBC21 Weather II/13-Thunder Crash.wav - 3.1Mb
BBC21 Weather II/14-Thunder Crash.wav - 2.2Mb
BBC21 Weather II/15-Thunder Crash.wav - 1.8Mb
BBC21 Weather II/16-Thunder Crash.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC21 Weather II/17-Thunder Crash.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC21 Weather II/18-Thunder Crash.wav - 2.3Mb
BBC21 Weather II/19-Thunder Roll (With Rain).wav - 4.7Mb
BBC21 Weather II/20-Thunder Roll (With Rain).wav - 6.4Mb
BBC21 Weather II/21-Thunder Roll (With Rain).wav - 7.3Mb
BBC21 Weather II/22-Thunder Roll (With Rain).wav - 8.2Mb
BBC21 Weather II/23-Thunder Roll (With Rain).wav - 6.8Mb
BBC21 Weather II/24-Simulated Lightning Strike (Right To Left).wav - 1.1Mb
BBC21 Weather II/25-Simulated Lightning Strike (Left To Right).wav - 1.2Mb
BBC21 Weather II/26-Lightning Strike With Thunder Crash.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC21 Weather II/28-Thunderstorm (With Light Rain).wav - 36.4Mb
BBC21 Weather II/29-Severe Thunderstorm (With Light Rain).wav - 25.4Mb
BBC21 Weather II/30-Frankenstein's Castle (Rain, Thunder, Etc).wav - 20.8Mb
BBC21 Weather II/31-Fog, Whitby Lighthouse (Close Perspective).wav - 4.3Mb
BBC21 Weather II/32-Fog, Whitby Lighthouse (Distant Perspective).wav - 4.8Mb
BBC21 Weather II/33-Fog, Flamborough Head Lighthouse (Close Perspective).wav - 2.4Mb
BBC21 Weather II/34-Fog, Flamborough Head Lighthouse (Distant Perspective).wav - 2.2Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/01-Paddle Steamer, Departing From Dock, With Hooter.wav - 12.4Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/02-Paddle Steamer, Arriving At Dock And Berthing.wav - 11.4Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/03-Paddle Steamer, Hooter.wav - 1.7Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/04-Paddle Steamer, Coaling Ship.wav - 10.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/05-Paddle Steamer, Stoking Boiler.wav - 19.5Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/06-Paddle Steamer, Engine Room Telegraph, Engines Start.wav - 21.3Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/07-Paddle Steamer, Engines Slow Then Stop With Telegraph.wav - 19.3Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/08-Paddle Steamer, Engines, Constant Run.wav - 24.0Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/09-Paddle Steamer, Paddles Thrashing, Contstant Run.wav - 16.8Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/10-German U-Boat, 1 Torpedo Fired - Rec_ In Torpedo Room.wav - 3.6Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/11-German U-Boat, 2 Torpedos Fired.wav - 4.2Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/12-German U-Boat, Torpedo Passes Left To Right.wav - 8.4Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/13-German U-Boat, Atmosphere In Torpedo Room.wav - 25.3Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/14-German U-Boat, Diesel Engines Start, Cruise Underwater.wav - 31.0Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/15-German U-Boat, Electric Motors, Constant Run Submerged.wav - 25.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/16-German U-Boat, Blowing Ballast.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/17-German U-Boat, Surfacing.wav - 7.2Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/18-German U-Boat, Cruising On Surface With Diesel Engines.wav - 25.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/19-Beam Fishing Trawler, At Sea - Recorded On Deck.wav - 33.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/20-Beam Fishing Trawler, In Wheelhouse, Atmos, With Distinct R-T.wav - 23.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/21-Beam Fishing Trawler, Trawl Gear Lowered Into Water.wav - 37.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/22-Beam Fishing Trawler, Catch Being Hauled Aboard.wav - 19.5Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/23-Beam Fishing Trawler, Collecting Fish From Deck.wav - 10.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/24-Beam Fishing Trawler, Washing Fish On Deck With Hose.wav - 8.5Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/25-Beam Fishing Trawler, General Atmosphere On Deck - Trawling.wav - 20.7Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/26-Thames Sailing Barge, Bow-Wave Sailing In Force 5 Wind.wav - 24.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/27-Thames Sailing Barge, Going About, Lee Board Raised.wav - 14.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/28-Thames Sailing Barge, Hoisting Topsail.wav - 6.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/29-Thames Sailing Barge, Atmosphere Below Deck Under Sail.wav - 31.8Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/30-Thames Sailing Barge, Atmosphere Below Deck Under Auxiliary Engine - Kelvin 3 Cylinder, 66 H_P_.wav - 31.7Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/31-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Launch - Recorded On Shore.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/32-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Launch - Recorded On Board.wav - 9.8Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/33-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Single Maroon Fired.wav - 1.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/34-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Radar Scanner Revolving.wav - 10.9Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/35-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Deck Pick-Up By Whirlwind Helicopter.wav - 14.0Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/36-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Start - Constant Run, Stop - Recorded On Deck.wav - 39.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/37-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Atmosphere In Wheelhouse - Some Indistinct Speech And R-T.wav - 21.1Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/38-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Engines, Constant Run - Recorded Engine Room.wav - 24.4Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/39-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Bow Wave - Recorded On Deck.wav - 16.4Mb
BBC22 Ships And Boats I/40-Lifeboat - 48'6_ Oakley Class, Winching Boat Up Launching Ramp Into Boathouse.wav - 8.6Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/01-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Bow-Wave With Leeside Foaming.wav - 36.3Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/02-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Sailing Down-Wind - Distant Lightship.wav - 25.7Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/03-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Sailing Past Channel Marker Buoy.wav - 25.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/04-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Sailing Past Bell Buoy.wav - 19.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/05-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Helicopter Passes Overhead.wav - 8.7Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/06-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Going About.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/07-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Atmosphere In Cabin Under Sail.wav - 28.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/08-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Engine Started.wav - 46.4Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/09-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Engine Started.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/10-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Pumping Bilge.wav - 5.7Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/11-30ft Yacht - Alice MAY, Inflating Rubber Dinghy.wav - 7.3Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/12-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Constant Rowing - Recorded On Board.wav - 28.0Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/13-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Constant Rowing - Recorded On Board.wav - 3.6Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/14-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Hauling Boat Up Beach.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/15-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Launch, Board - Recorded On Shore.wav - 6.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/16-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Approach - Recorded On Shore.wav - 5.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/17-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Row Past Left To Right.wav - 6.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/18-Rowing Boat - 1 MAN Rowing, Row Past Right To Left.wav - 6.6Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/19-Sailing Dinghy, Hauling Up Sail - Fast.wav - 3.7Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/20-Sailing Dinghy, Hauling Up Sail - Slow.wav - 8.0Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/21-Sailing Dinghy, Sail Lowered.wav - 3.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/22-Sailing Dinghy, Sail Flapping In Breeze.wav - 13.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/23-Sailing Dinghy, Dinghy Towed By Motor-Boat.wav - 18.4Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/24-Sailing Dinghy, General Activity On Dinghy.wav - 10.6Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/25-Sailing Dinghy, Sailing, Constant Run.wav - 31.0Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/26-Sailing Dinghy, Going About - Recorded On Board.wav - 6.3Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/27-Sailing Dinghy, Going About - Recorded On Board.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/28-Sailing Dinghy, Running Aground - Recorded On Board.wav - 4.1Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/29-Sailing Dinghy, Coming Alongside Larger Boat.wav - 4.5Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/30-Sailing Dinghy, Sail Past Left To Right.wav - 6.0Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/31-Sailing Dinghy, Sail Past Left To Right.wav - 6.6Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/32-Sailing Dinghy, Pumping Water From Dinghy With Hand-Pump.wav - 4.3Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/33-Steam Launch - Victoria, Pumping Water Onto Boiler.wav - 14.0Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/34-Steam Launch - Victoria, Hooter, Single Blast.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/35-Steam Launch - Victoria, Hooter, Two Blasts.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/36-Steam Launch - Victoria, Hooter, Three Blasts.wav - 1.2Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/37-Steam Launch - Victoria, Engine Running, Speed Variable.wav - 49.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/38-Steam Launch - Victoria, Engine Slows From Constant Run.wav - 18.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/39-Canal Narrow-Boat, Departs - Recorded On Shore.wav - 6.6Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/40-Canal Narrow-Boat, Approach And Stop, Engine Idles.wav - 10.1Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/41-Canal Narrow-Boat, Engine Started - Exterior Acoustic.wav - 2.5Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/42-Canal Narrow-Boat, Engine Stops - Exterior Acoustic.wav - 2.7Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/43-Canal Narrow-Boat, Engine Tick-Over - Exterior Acoustic.wav - 5.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/44-Canal Narrow-Boat, Pass Right To Left.wav - 9.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/45-Canal Narrow-Boat, Maneuvering - Recorded On Shore.wav - 24.1Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/46-Canal Narrow-Boat, Trip With Changing Acoustic.wav - 34.0Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/47-Cabin Cruiser, Bow-Wave, Start To Cruising Speed.wav - 30.8Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/48-Cabin Cruiser, Bow-Wave, Start To Full Speed.wav - 30.9Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/49-Cabin Cruiser, Stern-Wash, Start To Cruising Speed.wav - 31.2Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/50-Cabin Cruiser, Approach And Stop.wav - 5.1Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/51-Cabin Cruiser, Depart - Recorded On Shore.wav - 7.4Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/52-Cabin Cruiser, Pass Right To Left.wav - 7.3Mb
BBC23 Ships And Boats II/53-Cabin Cruiser, Atmosphere In Cabin, Constant Run At Cruising Speed.wav - 24.4Mb
BBC24 America/01-Broadway Traffic, New York - Mid Morning.wav - 29.6Mb
BBC24 America/02-Times Square, New York - Afternoon.wav - 20.8Mb
BBC24 America/03-Terminal, John F_ Kennedy International Airport.wav - 40.1Mb
BBC24 America/04-Busy Street, New York - Afternoon.wav - 27.9Mb
BBC24 America/05-Goldens Bridge, New York State - Crickets At Night.wav - 39.6Mb
BBC24 America/06-Niagra Falls - Close Perspective.wav - 32.9Mb
BBC24 America/07-Roadside, Fort Kent, Maine - Starlings Roosting.wav - 49.6Mb
BBC24 America/08-Street, Downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.wav - 25.6Mb
BBC24 America/09-Independence Hall Bell, Philadelphia.wav - 9.0Mb
BBC24 America/10-Traffic With Horse And Buggy, Philadelphia.wav - 40.7Mb
BBC24 America/11-Delicatessen Restaurant, Philadelphia - Lunchtime.wav - 42.9Mb
BBC24 America/12-Counter And Till In Delicatessen, Philadelphia.wav - 22.6Mb
BBC24 America/13-Bar, Mamou, Louisiana.wav - 34.1Mb
BBC24 America/14-Crowd At Garden Party, Eunice, Louisiana.wav - 10.7Mb
BBC24 America/15-New Orleans, Louisiana - House Finch At Night.wav - 23.2Mb
BBC24 America/16-Soul Food Restaurant, New Orleans.wav - 40.5Mb
BBC24 America/17-Crowd At Heritage Festival, New Orleans.wav - 27.5Mb
BBC24 America/18-Freight Train With Siren Passes In Desert Near Kingman, Arizona.wav - 15.3Mb
BBC24 America/19-Oil Derrick, San Pedro, California.wav - 12.3Mb
BBC24 America/20-Dockers' Bar, San Pedro.wav - 16.7Mb
BBC24 America/21-Bowling Alley, Santa Monica, California.wav - 26.0Mb
BBC24 America/22-Traffic At U_S_ - Mexican Border, Tijuana.wav - 15.9Mb
BBC24 America/23-Street Market, Tijuana, Mexico.wav - 26.8Mb
BBC24 America/24-Bar, Tijuana.wav - 23.0Mb
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